Did you know…

  • More than two million Americans are recovering from addiction, leading productive lives.
  • More than 20 million are still without treatment and a national prescription drug epidemic is rising
  • The annual total estimated societal cost of substance abuse in the US is $510.8 billion
  • By 2020, behavioral health disorders including addiction will surpass all physical diseases as a major cause of disability worldwide

The Rally

September 2014
On the National Mall
Washington, DC

Rally2Recovery will be an historic day for the recovery community. This rally will give us the opportunity to join together in an unprecedented way as we enter a new paradigm for addiction treatment and recovery. buy accutane online. ambien for sale. ativan online pharmacy. imitrex online no prescription.

It will be a day filled with community and inspiration as we hear from leaders and celebrities living a life of recovery. There will be music and entertainment for all who join us. We will also hold the first annual Recovery MegaMeditation at the conclusion of the day to celebrate the lives of those who have attained long-term recovery and honor those who were not so fortunate. MORE

Welcome to Rally2Recovery

Were a new organization that’s dedicated to improving the way we embrace and treat the disease of addiction. Primarily, we’re about change—change that will produce a paradigm shift in the world of prevention, treatment, recovery and community. We are attempting to foster change in five key areas:

  1. How we view addiction and eliminate the stigma it carries;
  2. How we communicate about it with each other, our families, our communities and the nation at large;
  3. How we unify to obtain essential resources and treatment options needed for long-term recovery;
  4. How we navigate and digest the vast amount of information that exists online regarding our disease;
  5. How we garner the same respect and treatment options given others with similar chronic, progressive diseases.

Leading up to the Rally, we’ll offer news, information and events about ways to unite and speak about our disease with one voice. Since an educated community is key to this effort, our website gives you an easy-to-use Recovery Resource Portal to increase the effectiveness of your Internet searches. This gateway is unique because it clusters your searches around personal points of interest such as where to find a local treatment center. Our blog, Facebook, and Twitter connections let you share your experience, strength and hope with others in recovery and those still struggling.

Ultimately, a connected community can produce monumental change in the way we manage our disease and the way others respond to it. So, let’s unite. Let’s arm ourselves with everything we need for an extraordinary life in long-term recovery.

Are you ready to rally?

Donate to make it happen.

Rally Chairs

Honorary Chair
Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack

Congresswoman Mary Bono MackCongresswoman Mack is well known for her prevention work in the prescription drug arena. MORE


Event Chair
Actress/Singer Lynda Carter

Lynda CarterMs. Carter has been a great source of hope and inspiration for people in recovery. MORE


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